This site continues to be a gathering place for discussions on fiscally responsible solutions to fix our water problems in Florida.   It has been estimated that if we were to fix all of the water infrastructure problems in the state of Florida it would cost $60 billion.  Here we show you how to cover that incredible cost without going to the regular funding sources of the state or federal government.  Florida will eclipse all other states when it finally opens the door for industrial hemp cultivation.  It will generate billions of dollars in economy.  This is an opportunity to allocate revenue to specific projects.  Hemp4Water suggests exempting the start ups of the new industrial hemp industries from both corporate and sales tax on their businesses.  They will instead pay a 10% hemp4water fee that will be directly allocated to water infrastructure projects.   This should net them a .5% tax discount and provide an annual funding source for water infrastructure projects.   It is estimated that industrial hemp could do better than $9 Billion in business year one.  $900 million dedicated to water infrastructure is an awesome start.


This site will be ever evolving and updating with the latest ideas and applications for Hemp4Water.  If you would like to be a part of the discussion be sure to take a few seconds to fill out the form below.

The following video is a talk on Hemp4Water and its potential.

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