Water Hubs

Its a pipe dream – literally.  The concept and idea is to Collect, Clean, and Coordinate State storm water management.  Water Hubs are an idea that need to be developed.  They would utilize natural and man made technology to fit the region in which they are servicing.


For purpose of discussion and example a great place for a water hub that could help two affected water ways follows:

florida-rivers-map closerDeseret Ranch was recently announced to be up for consideration of sale.  It between the Kissimmee River system, flowing south to Lake Okeechobee and the St. Johns River system flowing north and situated between green/conservation areas.


Instead of building homes on this 29,000 acres we can build a water hub.  It would COLLECT from the North, East and West; CLEAN in the center utilizing natural and safe man-made devices and systems; COORDINATE the clean water to then go into several deep well facilities lying close and dormant in the area, pumped to Miami, Tampa or Jacksonville to fight salt water intrusion, pumped around the urban and ag areas to irrigate the Everglades in the south west or the oysters in Apalachicola.  With other hubs built around the state we can build a water infrastructure that can conservatively manage our storm water instead of flushing billions of gallons of water to tide every day.