We have begun projects in several States. Florida, Michigan, Tennessee and Louisiana are in various stages of operation or development.


Hemp4Water® is partnered with South Florida State College and is licensed as a pilot project directed at quantifying the amount of Nitrogen

and Phosphorus a single industrial hemp plant will uptake from the water column in a grow cycle while being situated on a floating bio-island in water that has high levels of both nutrients.

We are utilizing bio islands in two separate lakes on campus and enjoying the chemistry lab for our indoor controls for the Avon Park Project.


Hemp4Water® will be working with a specific municipal water treatment facility to test the efficacy of utilizing hemp as a bioremediation step in the their treatment of water.


Hemp4Water® will be a part of a multi-jurisdictional project that has already been in process. It is a large study of several different types of plants that are being utilized for bio-remediation. This project will give us a direct comparison to other plants and help us determine the performance of hemp in a specific setting designed for bio-remediation.


Hemp4Water® is going to explore applications to help the crawfish industries as well as coastal restoration.