The Plan

The Vision

visionTransform the State of Florida into a global example for Clean Water

The Mission:

Create Solutions for identified critical concerns through development and collaborations between working groups of citizens, scientists, private and government entities which purpose is to provide sustainable and solid solutions for Florida’s water woes.

All encompassed statewide approach
 Citizens
 Industries
 Local and County Efforts
 Regional Coordination
 State Action including:
• Education of all entities by Hemp4Water
• Coordination and Cooperation between all entities
• Infrastructure Improvements by private and government entities


focusStorm Water Management

Water Hubs

Water Hubs are literally a pipe dream.  They would redefine and revolutionize Storm Water Management by combining natural systems with man made innovation.  Potentially handling 100,000 of acre feet or more of water each of these would be substantial in size and scope with the intent of capturing, cleaning and then moving water to critical areas.


How Do We Pay for It?


What is the ecological and economical potential

1. De-Schedule Industrial Hemp
 Florida’s Governor and/or the Attorney General have the power to de-schedule hemp without any discussion or approval required.
 Florida’s legislature can also de-schedule hemp through legislative action.
2. Legislative action to exempt Hemp from corporate taxes.
 Replace corporate taxes with a Hemp4Water fee.
 Direct Amendment 1 (2014) revenue to the Hemp4Water project..


How Much $$$?

$60 Billion

At least if you could pay for all existing projects and build a pipe/pump infrastructure

How Do we Pay for It?

  • No Corporate or Sales Tax replaced by
  • Dedicated Hemp 4 Water Charge
Hemp Rate $ Generated Years to $60 Bil
5.5% $529,267,500 113
7% $673,613,182 89
8% $769,843,636 78
15% $1,443,456,818 42

10.0%                       $962,304,545.40        63

Still not fast enough?

Use Amendment 1 from 2014 – 33% of doc stamps goes to water/land conservation/restoration

  • If 100% were dedicated to water infrastructure
  • It would produce an additional $2,257,000,000 annually
Hemp Rate $ Generated w/Amendment 1 Years to $60 Bil
5.5% $3,056,267,500 19.6
7% $3,200,613,182 18.7
8% $3,296,843,636 18.2
15% $3,970,456,818 15.1